DigitalOcean and Cloudflare

If you want to run your website through Cloudflare's CDN, you need to change your DNS on your registrar's account, not on your DigitalOcean account! You »

Laravel search function using GET request.

I recently had to create a search function in Laravel, so I thought I'd share it! An addition to the generic search, which I had to »

Caching delay issue on Laravel 4 and MAMP resolved.

Whilst working on a Laravel project, I would make a change on one of my blade template pages, refresh the browser and no changes would show »

A really nice Terminal theme

If you use Terminal quite a bit, like me, the default theme isn't the best design Apple. Scouting the internet, this theme came up - »

Remove and delete a directory and its contents using Linux commands

rm -rf "DirectoryName" This will delete the entire directory without prompting you to delete its subdirectories, in Linux. »

Using LEFT OUTER JOIN correctly with two predicates.

On a little project I'm working on, I needed to LEFT OUTER JOIN table 'a' with table 'b' - "Show the user all the¬†societies¬†they »