DigitalOcean and Cloudflare

If you want to run your website through Cloudflare's CDN, you need to change your DNS on your registrar's account, not on your DigitalOcean account! You do not need to »

Laravel search function using GET request.

I recently had to create a search function in Laravel, so I thought I'd share it! An addition to the generic search, which I had to add to the query »

Caching delay issue on Laravel 4 and MAMP resolved.

Whilst working on a Laravel project, I would make a change on one of my blade template pages, refresh the browser and no changes would show (even a simple text »

A really nice Terminal theme

If you use Terminal quite a bit, like me, the default theme isn't the best design Apple. Scouting the internet, this theme came up - »

Remove and delete a directory and its contents using Linux commands

rm -rf "DirectoryName" This will delete the entire directory without prompting you to delete its subdirectories, in Linux. »

Using LEFT OUTER JOIN correctly with two predicates.

On a little project I'm working on, I needed to LEFT OUTER JOIN table 'a' with table 'b' - "Show the user all the societies they have not yet joined »